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500 MHz Spectrometer

Our 11.7 Tesla 51mm actively shielded Oxford magnet was installed in 1999. Complete with a Varian INOVA console and a SUN Ultra 10 host computer our system also has many optional features including:

  • 4 complete channels with Wave Form Generator III boards.
  • Z-gradients.
  • A 5mm Triple Resonance PFG probe.
  • Access to a VXR 500 10mm {1H} 15N-31P 50.65MHz-202.43MHz Broad Band probe
  • A 5mm 60ÁL Triple Resonance PFG Microflow probe.
  • The VAST accessory

Waveform Generator Boards

  • The optional Wave Form Generator III board replaces the Generator II board and is functionally identical to the 10 bit amplitude old board and can also utilize a 12-bit amplitude format.
  • The Wave Form Generator III board creates an infinite number of waveform experiments.
  • The generator's output drives the transmitter board, adjusting the signal amplitude and phase. Waveform Generator boards are required for imaging experiments.
- Varian Waveform Generator Kit Installation Pub. No. 01-999137-00, Rev.A0599


  • The pulsed field gradient coil and shims can cause gradients throughout the sample.
  • Shimming gradients affect the homogeneity of the magnetic field while pulsed field gradients are used in experiments for coherence selection, spin crushing and spatial encoding.
-Daina Avizonas, TAC Gradient Shimming - A quick tour of problems and solutions 5/10/2002

Triple Resonance Probe

  • The Triple Resonance Probe is specifically designed for demanding applications in biomedical NMR such as 2D, 3D, and 4D triple resonance experiments on isotopically enriched proteins.
-Varian Triple-Resonance NMR Probes Pub. No. 01-999125-00, Rev.A0699

VXR Broadband Probe

  • The VXR broadband probe is a multinuclear probe optimized for superior broadband performance for lower frequency nuclei.
-Varian Broadband NMR Probes Pub. No. 01-999122-00, Rev.A0300

Triple Resonance Microflow Probe

  • The 1H{13C/15N} 60ÁL PFG Triple Resonance microflow probe combines pulsed field gradients (PFG) and triple-resonance capabilities with microflow capabilities.
  • Microflow probes allow liquid sample transfer from LC-NMR and VAST systems.
  • Micro flow probes contain a flow cell that is connected to inlet and outlet connectors on the probe base.
  • Analytes can be injected into the probe with an HPLC pump, the VAST autosampler, or manually with a syringe.
-Varian Microflow NMR Probes Pub. No. 01-999127-00, Rev.A0299

VAST Accessory

  • The VAST accessory uses the automation capability of the INOVA NMR spectrometer and VNMR software to take a sample from a vial or well on the Liquid Handler and move it into the Microflow probe.
  • When the sample is in place, NMR data can be acquired.
  • When the NMR experiment is finished, the sample is removed and either discarded into a waste container or returned to the source container.
  • After removing the sample, the liquid path is washed to minimize cross-contamination or carryover between samples.
-Varian VAST Sample Management System Installation Pub. No. 01-999144-00, Rev.B0601

500 MHz Spectrometer
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