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January 2003


Foremost of all, the staff at NANUC would like to wish you all a Happy New Year!

We hope to make this the beginning of a series of Newsletters to bring the community up to date on the events and developments that take place at NANUC. In these letters we will highlight new equipment, research, training courses and conferences that NANUC will be offering or participating in.

NANUC was pleased to welcome new members to the team. Firstly in May 2002, Dipika Parmar was appointed the position of Administrative Assistant. Dipika will be working mornings Monday through to Friday, providing numerous financial duties and administrative support to staff.

NANUC also welcomed Emily Servais, in June of 2002. Emily is a student from Georgian College in Ontario, and has joined NANUC as a Web Developer. Her talent and contribution is greatly appreciated, for her redesigning of NANUC’s website. NANUC also thanks Yanni Batsiolas for his technical support. Emily’s appointment is part of NANUC’s continuing involvement in the Young Canada Works in Both Languages program.

‘The Irish are coming!’ NANUC had the opportunity to welcome an international student to its group. Alison Qua, a graduate student from Queen’s University, Belfast. She was working at NANUC for 8 weeks to perform NMR studies, acquiring and analyzing data on melittin molecules. Alison’s visit proved to be rewarding, she is NANUC’s first exchange student, a tradition we hope to continue.

Kathryn and Ryan were happy to announce last year that their first child was born. Elizabeth Francis McKay was born March 9th at 3:50 pm. She weighed in at 7 pounds 6 ounces. Elizabeth is almost 11 months old now and has yet to really sleep through the night on a regular basis. So far she is showing a remarkable interest in computers, though no particular interest in analyzing peaks..yet

In October 2002, NANUC were honored to have Dr. Bruce Johnson from Merck Research Laboratories to present the NMRView workshop. All participates agreed it was an interesting and worthwhile two days. NANUC is looking forward to presenting the 2003 workshop series, we will keep you posted. Again, we would like to thank all the individuals involved in making this event a success.

NANUC completed and filed its application for the CIHR funding program on December 2002. The CIHR is a major source of funding for NANUC, and was the first agency to support the NANUC concept in the original 1996 application. All of the staff worked hard on the submission, and of course, we hope to be successful in receiving this grant.

In 2002, Ryan attended the ICMRBS in Toronto, and it was a joy to finally meet so many people that NANUC have had extensive email and phone contact with. It is always great to meet the people we’re assisting, and a productive and fun time seemed to be had by one and all. Everyone would agree the talks were extensively varied in subject, and overall we found the meeting to be well organized and very educational. We hope to have the opportunity to see everyone at the ENC this year.

In July 2002, Deryck attended the Varian Inova Hardware Maintenance course at Varian in Palo Alto, California. The course was very intense and informative. The course outline covered everything from installing Solaris on new Sun Blades to troubleshooting the consoles’ digital and RF hardware. Many thanks to the instructors Ken Kezeor (RF), and Jeff Germenis (digital) for their hard work in providing a vast amount of information in such a short time. It was a great experience working with many different people from the U.S., and each provided a new perspective on troubleshooting and maintenance. You can see Deryck’s photographs from the course at

NANUC is happy to announce the arrival of the new 5mm Broadband probe capable of directly detecting 13C,15N, and 13P. This new probe was especially ordered for direct 13C detection at 18.8 Tesla and should dramatically increase the sensitivity of that nuclei when compared to our 5mm HCN triax probe. We are looking forward to seeing the resolution and sensitivity the 800 can yield with this new probe.

They say every dark cloud has a silver lining and the quench of the NANUC 800MHz cryostat is no exception. The re-energizing of the magnet was an incredible learning experience, which took the mystery out of many facets of the system. We thank Ben Hubbard and Nick Wilson from Oxford Instruments for their infinite patience in answering all of our questions. Also thanks to Don Frank of Varian who wrapped up our re-installation by achieving a line shape of under 0.60 Hz with the standard sample.

Many upgrades to the 800MHz and 500MHz NMR rooms were done while the field was down. All emergency equipment was tested, and new temperature switches and fan activation buttons were installed in the 800MHz room to serve as backups to the O2 sensor. Also chilled water was supplied to both the 500MHz and the 800MHz rooms in order to accommodate the future cooling needs of our cryogenic probes.

Officially the NANUC 800MHz cryostat was re-commissioned on November 12, 2002, and the magnet was out of operation for 71 days. Approximately 1500L of N2(liq) and 2500L of He(liq) was used to re-cool and re-fill the cryostat. There is no verification as to what caused the quench, and there were no complications bringing the spectrometer back up to field. The 800MHz system is now operating well within normal parameters and is achieving the spectral resolution, S/N, and stability equal to that from before the quench. We welcome back all past researchers and encourage new users to take advantage of the National High Field NMR. Applications for NMR time can be found at:

As you can see 2002 was a very eventful year for NANUC, and we look forward to working with you on exciting new research challenges.

From the staff at NANUC.

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