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PostdoctoralSaclay, France - ,
Job Open: 28-Aug-2006   Job Close: 28-Aug-2007
A postdoctoral position is available in the laboratory of Membrane proteins at Saclay starting late 2006. Our group is currently working on membrane protein structure- function relationship with a special emphasis on protein-lipid interactions. We have recently been working on a membrane receptor involved in the translocation of cholesterol across the mitochondrial membrane. The main goal of this project is to propose a model of the translocator and of its interactions with its partners. This translocator is currently expressed in large amounts and preliminary NMR experiments indicate the feasability of high resolution NMR structural work. The applicant will be involved in the NMR structural characterization of this protein and its interactions with various ligands. This work benefits from a tight collaboration with a group involved in the biochemical and biological aspects of the project and with X-ray crystallographers. This project is supported by an ANR grant. Available spectrometers: 500, 600 and 700 MHz Bruker equipped with cryoprobes The applicant could be either a biologist, biochemist or biophysicist with expertise in high resolution heteronuclear multidimensional NMR spectroscopy. Experience with protein expression, purification and characterization will be an advantage. Saclay is located 25 kms south Paris and accessible by train. Contacts: Nadège Jamin (, 33 1 69 08 25 46) or Jean-Michel Neumann (, 33 1 69 08 42 40)

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