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Postdoctoral Researcher in Biomolecular NMRMemorial University of Newfoundland/NewLab Clinical Research Inc. - ,
Job Open: 17-Aug-2005   Job Close: 

This position supports ongoing collaborative research between Dr. Valerie Booth at Memorial University and NewLab Clinical Research Inc. Our studies are aimed atelucidating structural information about membrane-associated proteins that are potentialdrug targets. The postdoctoral researcher will use both solution and solid state NMR, combined with computer modeling, to determine structures of molecules of interest. Thesemolecules include peptide ligands in their G-protein coupled receptor bound conformation, aswell as other membrane-associated proteins that have been identified as potential targets of therapeutic molecules to treat psoriasis and other diseases. Materials for the NMR studies,including G-protein coupled receptors in sufficient quantities for experimental studies andcustom isotope labeled peptide ligand, have been provided by collaborators.

Application Procedure:
Please email your CV, a short description of your research interests,and the names of three references to Dr. Valerie Booth (

Commensurate with experience


  • PhD in a relevant field
  • 4 or more years experience in solid and/or solution biomolecular NMR
  • good computer skills, especially in protein modeling
  • strong interest in bridging the gap between academic and private research to support development of new therapeutics

Additional Information:
The position will be physically located in the Department ofBiochemistry, Memorial University of Newfoundland. Meetings with NewLab collaboratorswill take place regularly at their nearby offices. Dr. Booth’s research group ( is rapidly expanding and currently consists of one full timeresearch assistant (wet lab), one part time research assistant (computer lab), two graduatestudents and two undergraduate students. Experiments will be performed on a local 500 MHz solution NMR spectrometer, and our new 600 MHz spectrometer which will have solids(oriented and MAS) and solution capabilities. When required, experiments may also beperformed on higher field instruments in Halifax and Edmonton.

The city of St. John’s offers an exceptionally high quality of life - especially to thoseinterested in outdoor activities or the traditional music scene (


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