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CNRS research associate position in liquid-state NMR methods development.CEISAM laboratory (Nantes, France) - 2 Rue de la Houssinière, Nantes Cedex 3
Job Open: 13-Sep-2011   Job Close: 31-Dec-2012
The CEISAM laboratory (Nantes, France) is looking for high-level candidates to support their application for a potential permanent CNRS research associate position in liquid-state NMR methods development. The CEISAM was founded in early 2008 and is divided into five research teams, gathering fundamental expertise in organic synthesis, analytical bio-organic chemistry and molecular modeling. Currently, CEISAM has a continuous and high scientific productivity, national and international collaborations and many funded research projects. Among the 5 teams of CEISAM, the Elucidation of Biosynthesis by Isotopic Spectrometry group EBSI (Elucidation of biosynthesis by Isotopic Spectrometry) is one of the leading European research teams working in the field of the analysis of the isotopic distributions in natural products. The EBSI group has a recognized expertise in the field of quantitative NMR, and is constantly developing high-throughput NMR methodologies directed towards metabolic studies, and more generally analytical chemistry. The group has recently developed original methods in ultrafast 2D NMR, and has significantly improved the analytical performances of this emerging and promising methodology, showing its high potential for quantitative analysis. More details about ongoing NMR developments can be found on the following webpage: We now wish to strengthen this research axis by recruiting a permanent CNRS research associate (in CNRS section 16). A research associate position at CNRS requires brilliant candidates who submit their application together with a host research unit. In this context, CEISAM is looking for outstanding candidates fulfilling the following criteria: - PhD in liquid-state NMR or closely related area, - Significant postdoctoral experience (at least one year research experience outside of France) attested by publications, - A high level of expertise in NMR methods development, including a strong theoretical background, experience with pulse programming and data processing, - A number of publications in high-level peer-reviewed journals, - An interest in quantitative and analytical applications of magnetic resonance, - Strong written and oral communication skills. Moreover, experience in one (or more) of the following domains would be highly appreciated: - Signal processing, - Multidimensional NMR, - Quantitative NMR, - Spatial-encoding, - Hyperpolarization. The candidate will develop liquid-state NMR methods directed towards metabolic studies, and will work in close collaboration with members of the EBSI team. Joining the CEISAM at the University of Nantes, you will benefit from our recent investment in NMR hardware, which includes five state-of-the-art liquid-state NMR spectrometers in the 300-700 MHz range. You will also enjoy the excellent collaborative atmosphere within the EBSI team, the CEISAM lab, and the entire University. Interest applicants should contact Patrick Giraudeau ( web :
Maître de Conférences Faculté des Scienc
CEISAM Bât 9 - Bureau 103 BP 92208
2 Rue de la Houssinière, Nantes Cedex 3  44322
Phone: (33) 2 51 12 57 09
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