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Computational Chemistry and Biology OpportunitiesD. E. Shaw Research and Development - ,
Job Open: 17-Aug-2005   Job Close: 

Computational Chemistry and Biology Opportunities at D. E. Shaw Research and Development

Extraordinarily gifted computational chemists, biologists, and other computational scientists are sought to join a rapidly growing New York-based research group that is pursuing an ambitious, long-term strategy aimed at fundamentally transforming the process of drug discovery.

Candidates should have world-class credentials in computational chemistry, biology, or physics, or in a relevant area of computer science or applied mathematics, and must have unusually strong research skills. Relevant areas of experience might include protein structure prediction, the computation of protein-ligand binding affinities, the study of biologically important systems using molecular dynamics and/or Monte Carlo simulation, and the application of statistical mechanics to biomolecular systems -- but specific knowledge of any of these areas is less critical than exceptional intellectual ability and a demonstrated track record of achievement. Current areas of interest within the group include molecular dynamics simulation of functionally significant globular and membrane proteins, the prediction of protein structures and binding free energies, structure- and ligand-based drug design, characterization of protein-protein, protein-nucleic acid and protein-lipid interactions, and the development of algorithms for biomolecular simulations.

This research effort is being financed by the D. E. Shaw group, an investment and technology development firm with more than $16 billion in aggregate capital. The project was initiated by the firm's founder, Dr. David E. Shaw, and operates under his direct scientific leadership.

D. E. Shaw Research and Development, L.L.C. is eager to add both senior- and junior-level members to our world-class team, and are prepared to offer above-market compensation to candidates of truly exceptional ability. Please send your resume (including a complete list of publications, thesis topic, and advisor, if applicable), along with the attached data sheet to

Michelle Byington, PhD
Consultant to D. E. Shaw Research and Development, L.L.C.
(212) 239-9226

Byington Scientific Recruitment and Research
304 West 40th Street, New York, NY 10018


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