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May 1, 2006

Reduction of NMR Time charges
PDF Version (212 KB)

Dear NMR Users,

Since the inception of the National High Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Centre (NANUC) in 1999, we have tried to fairly balance the requirement of the granting agencies that NANUC charge user fees with the financial need of the users for low or no users fees. We delayed fee introduction to allow users to build the charges into their grants and have used a number of formulae and rationales to determine a fee structure that was fair to both parties. Despite these efforts, it is still very difficult for many of our users to attract specific funding for NMR usage through the granting processes.

Recently we have also noted relaxation of the requirements by the granting agencies that user fees represent a specified proportion of actual operation costs. This is evidenced by the rates currently being charged at other, recently opened facilities.

Given these developments we are reducing our longterm Canadian academic use rates to a maximum of $85 per day for the 800 MHz spectrometer (hourly charge of $15 per hour for occasional use) and $50 per day for the 500. Operator time will be charged at a new rate of $35 per hour. More details will follow in the full Newsletter.

Government and business rates will remain unchanged and we will continue to negotiate contractual packages with both of these client groups.

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