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NANUC is a national centre for metabolic profiling, structural biology and drug discovery research.
It offers a 800 MHz NMR system with robotic autosamplers and cryogenic microprobes.

It is now expanding its services through a new partnership with The Metabolomics Innovation Centre (TMIC), which has been funded by Genome Canada and the Canada Foundation for Innovation to provide access to comprehensive, cutting-edge metabolomic services and technologies. This will allow more rapid and complete detection of metabolites from diverse biological fluids studied by academic, clinical and industry users for life sciences and healthcare applications.


NANUC rates for Academic Users

The National High Field NMR Centre charges a single flat rate, which is applicable 24 hours a day 7 days a week, to all NANUC NMR systems (800MHz, 600MHz, and 500MHz). Please note, NMR sample charges apply.

Please contact NANUC ( for information on the new rates or booking NMR time.

NMR Rates

Instrument Sample Charge ($) Hourly Rate ($/hr)1
800 MHz 35 10
MRDC 600 MHz 27 5
500 MHz 15 2
Operator (/hr) 50 100    
Training (/hr) + applicable NMR Time 150 Group2 (100/person)    
Spectral Services (/hr) 150 300 (rush)    

 Minimum 1 hour charge.

1Total charge is sample fee plus hourly rate.

 2 Groups may contain from 2 to 5 individuals only. Groups of more than 5 individuals can be trained in a classroom environment and must make special arrangements with NANUC staff.

Example Calculations for 800MHz Charges (Academic Rate):

1) Single sample for three days:

     (1 x $35)     +      (72 x $10/hr)  =   $755.
   sample rate  +    hourly rate

2) Metabolomics (five samples per hour):

     (5 x $35)     +     (1 x $10/hr)  = $185.
   sample rate  +  hourly rate


Updated June 2015.
These prices are subject to change without notice and do not include GST.
All prices are listed in Canadian dollars.


Uninterruptible Power Supply
by Deryck Webb

One of the most enigmatic and under-appreciated pieces of equipment needed with any spectrometer system is the uninterruptible power supply (UPS). To many users it is simply a box of batteries that is supposed to power the system during electrical outages, and few know any other specifications about the system i.e. what is the runtime of your UPS, what is the kVa? , or what is the wattage? This article will describe our recent experiences here at NANUC; what UPS systems we have and why, and what our testing and monitoring procedures are for our UPS systems. read more >>

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