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  1. This form is to apply for NMR time only. Requests for collaboration should be made here.
  2. You must fill a copy of this form for each different sample, unless the only difference between samples is isotope labels.
  3. The colored fields denote required fields.
  4. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact NANUC at 780-492-0689 or .
  5. In the event that you are unable to use your allotted NMR time, please give as much advance warning as possible.
  6. Please note that you are responsible for informing NANUC about any potentially hazardous properties of your sample.
NANUC depends upon government grants to pay many of the costs associated with the running of our facility. These grants in turn reduce the overall costs to you, the user. In order to ensure future government support, we require proof of the scientific advancements facilitated by the use of the Centre.

Please include a statement in manuscripts to acknowledge use of NANUC such as:

"We thank NANUC for providing NMR spectrometer access, which is funded by the CFI, NSERC and the University of Alberta."

I acknowledge that I will be charged for NMR time and service,
as stated in the introduction of charges letter. (Required)
Do you wish to apply for a fee waiver?   Yes   No
If yes, please concisely detail your reasons in the box below.

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