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Application FAQs
Who can get time at NANUC?
  All Canadian academic, government and industrial researchers are eligible to obtain NMR time on the NANUC spectrometers. Please note that foreign academics will be treated as industry.

Additional information for industry and government investigators may be obtained from our business page or by e-mailing .

How much does it cost for NMR time on the NANUC spectrometers?
  Please note that a waiver for charges is available upon request (see the academic submission form) for researchers who do not presently have funds for NMR time. Government and business researchers that wish to apply for a fee waiver please contact directly.

Detailed rental, service and consumable costs can be found here.

How to ship samples and materials to NANUC?
  Please ensure that all materials sent to NANUC comply with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act. For information please contact your local compliance information center.

We recommend sending samples by courier. If your sample is susceptible to temperature extremes, please ensure that it is shipped in time to guarantee same-week delivery (this usually means sending your sample on a Monday or Tuesday). For further information, please send email to .

How to request NMR time on the NANUC spectrometers?
  Please click on the appropriate image above and then fill in the form.

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