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Bulk NMR Time - Canadian Academics

We have priced long-term continuous experiments at $500 or $1000 for 3 and 6-day experiments, respectively. However, we have noted that if several shorter experiments are run during the same time period, the cost can be up to 60% higher.

NANUC is pleased to offer you the same special pricing for pre-paid blocks of NMR time. Each NMR block represents a credit for 3 days worth of 800 MHz time, and is available at a cost of $500 per block. This can represent substantial savings over the long term.

All of your 800 MHz experiments performed at NANUC will then be deducted from your NMR time credit. Once your NMR time credit has been depleted, regular pricing will resume. Or, you may choose to purchase additional blocks of time.

NMR time blocks may be used for up to one year following purchase. Non-recoverable costs such as supplies and staff time will be billed separately. If you are interested in purchasing NMR time blocks at NANUC, please download the relevant form and fax it to Dipika Parmar at (780) 492-9174.

Bulk NMR Time Form Word format (50K)
Bulk NMR Time Form PDF format (30K)

Canadian Academic Rate: 800 MHz
Experiment Length NMR Charge (CDN)
0 - 9 hours hourly rate, with a minimum $5.50 (half hour) charge
9 - 18 hours
(typical 2D)
18 - 55 hours $100 for the first 18 hours, plus hourly rates for each additional hour, to a maximum of $500
55 - 72 hours
(typical 3D)
72 - 188 hours $500 for the first 72 hours, plus hourly rates for each additional hour, to a maximum of $1000
118 - 144 hours $1000
144 hours+ $1000 for the first 144 hours, plus hourly rates for each additional hour
The hourly rate on the NANUC 800 MHz spectrometer is $11.00.

Canadian Academic Rate: 500 MHz
All experiments will continue to be charged out on an hourly basis with a minimum $2.00 (half-hour) charge.
The hourly rate on the NANUC 500 MHz spectrometer is $4.00.

Updated July 2002.
These prices are subject to change without notice.
Staff time, sample preparation, supplies and spectral processing are charged separately.

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