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Sample Requirements

NMR Sample Preparation: PROTEINS
Typical protein concentration 0.5 - 2.0 mM
NMR sample volume 400-600 uL
Typical salt concentration Keep salt content to a minimum to satisfy your sample stability/solubility requirements. Keep in mind that a salt concentration greater than 100mM typically leads to degradation of spectral quality and spectrometer performance.
Solvent Sample must contain a certain amount of deuterated solvent (usually D2O).

Recommended H2O:D2O ratio is 90:10 or 95:5.

Sample filtration It is strongly recommended to filter your samples.
Protease inhibitor If you suspect protease problems, or if you want to make sure your samples last for a while, use a "protease inhibitor cocktail".

Note that there are several small peptides in these cocktails. Since they are not deuterated, they will show up in you 1H-only spectra.

The Complete Guide for Protease Inhibition from Roche Molecular Biochemicals (PDF file)

Contaminants NONE
Temperature for data acquisition Typical: 2 - 50 C
Monomeric state Sample should be unaggregated under the NMR sample conditions
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NMR sample preparation: CARBOHYDRATES
Please contact NANUC for information.
NMR sample preparation: SMALL MOLECULES
Please contact NANUC for information.
NMR sample preparation: OTHER
Please contact NANUC for information.
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