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As the National NMR Resource, NANUC has a mandate to further NMR science development. This policy assures that NANUC will always be at the cutting edge of NMR technique development and will be able to apply the most sophisticated techniques to your NMR problem, at 500 and 800 MHz. Many of our academic clients have availed themselves to the opportunity for collaboration with NANUC and this has resulted in the publication of 5 peer reviewed articles and communications.

NANUC's 500 MHz NMR spectrometer is equipped with the Versatile Automated Sample Transport accessory (VAST) and this device has opened some new research collaboration opportunities. We are currently working with the Pulmonary Research Group at the University of Alberta to develop novel methods for the detection, diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary diseases such as asthma and COPD. This work has shown great initial promise and is now included in a new CFI funding application.

Our policy for continual development of modern NMR analysis has some interesting and useful benefits for our industrial users. It means that your business can be assured that NANUC will always be at the cutting edge of NMR science and technological development and will be positioned to assist your research program. We have developed analytical programs for some of our industrial clients including a structure function study for a peptidyl therapeutic company from Ontario and we are currently engaged in some very interesting and potentially novel method development to support a phase II clinical trial of a Canadian company.

We are working to develop and implement a number of useful routines that we feel will be of use to our academic and industrial clients however we cannot anticipate all of your needs. If your have a specific requirement for NMR technique development for a particular project of corporate interest, contact us to explore the possibility of a collaborative technique development program. Under this program we can work with you to develop the NMR techniques that fit your requirements and we may be in a position to offer you rate breaks on the NMR time used.

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