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Papers Acknowledging NANUC

Journal of Nutrition
142(1): 14-21, 2012
Prediction of Skeletal Muscle and Fat Mass in Patients with Advanced Cancer Using a Metabolomic Approach.
Stretch, Cynthia Eastman, Thomas Mandal, Rupasri Eisner, Roman Wishart, David S. Marina Mourtzakis, Prado, Carla M. Damaraju, Sambasivarao Ball, Ronald O. Greiner, Russel Baracos, Vickie E.
Angewandte Chemie
123: 1-5, 2011
The 3 D Solution Structure of Thurincin H, a Bacteriocin with Four Sulfur to a-Carbon Crosslinks
Clarissa Sit Marco J. van Belkum Ryan T. McKay Randy W. Worobo John C. Vederas
Phys. Med. Biol.
56: 1-22, 2011
Tumour Xenograft Detection Through Quantitative Analysis of the Metabolic Profile of Urine in Mice
Moroz J. Turner J. Slupsky C. Fallone G. Syme A.
PLoS One
6(2): e16957, 2011
The human serum metabolome.
Psychogios, N Hau, DD Peng, J Guo, AC Mandal, R Bouatra, S Sinelnikov, I Krishnamurthy, R Eisner, R Gautam, B Young, N Xia, J Knox, C Dong, E Huang, P Hollander, Z Pedersen, TL Smith, SR Bamforth, F Greiner, R McManus, B Newman, JW Goodfriend, T Wishart, DS
50(8): 1309-1320, 2011
Structure of trans-resveratrol in complex with the cardiac regulatory protein troponin C
Sandra E. Pineda-Sanabria, Ian M. Robertson, and Brian D. Sykes
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
127(3): 757-764.e6., 2011
Metabolomic profiling of asthma: Diagnostic utility of urine nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Saude EJ, Skappak CD, Regush S, Cook K, Becker A, Moqbel R, Sykes BD, Rowe BH, Adamko DJ.
J Am Chem Soc
133: 7680-7683, 2011
The 3D Structure of Thuricin CD, a Two-Component Bacteriocin with Cysteine Sulfur to r-Carbon Cross-links
Sit, Clarissa S. McKay, Ryan T. Hill, Colin Ross, R. Paul Vederas, John C.
J Am Chem Soc
132: 11247-11258, 2010
Mechanism for recognition of polyubiquitin chains: Balancing affinity through interplay between multivalent binding and dynamics.
Craig J. Markin Wei Xiao Leo Spyracopoulos
J Am Chem Soc
132: 17775-17786, 2010
Catalytic Proficiency of Ubiquitin Conjugation Enzymes: Balancing pKa Suppression, Entropy, and Electrostatics.
Craig J. Markin, Linda F. Saltibus, Melissa J. Kean, Ryan T. McKay, Wei Xiao, and Leo Spyracopoulos
In press: , 2010
Learning to predict cancer-associated skeletal muscle wasting from 1H-NMR profiles of urinary metabolites.
Eisner, R. Stretch, C. Eastman, T. Xia, J. Hau, D. Damaraju, S. Greiner, R. Wishart, D.S. Baracos, V.E.
49(23): 4821-6, 2010
The carboxyl-terminal segment of apolipoprotein A-V undergoes a lipid-induced conformational change.
Mauldin, K. Lee, B.L. Oleszczuk, M. Sykes, B.D. Ryan, R.O.
Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology
48: 925-933, 2010
Solution structure of the regulatory domain of human cardiac troponin C in complex with the switch region of cardiac troponin I and W7: The basis of W7 as an inhibitor of cardiac muscle contraction.
Oleszczuk, Marta Robertson, Ian M. Li, Monica X. Sykes, Brian D.
107: 9352-9357, 2010
Thrucin CD, a posttranslationally modified bacteriocin with a narrow spectrum of activity against Clostridium difficile.
Rea, Mary C. Sit, Clarissa S. Clayton, Evelyn O'Connor, Paula M. Whittal, Randy M. Zheng, Jing Vederas, John C. Ross, R. Paul Hill, Colin
Biochim Biophys Acta
1798(2): 94-104, 2010
Correlating structure, dynamics, and function in transmembrane segment VII of the Na+/H+ exchanger isoform 1.
Reddy, T. Li, X. Fliegel, L. Sykes, B.D. Rainey, J.K.
Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology
49(6): 1031-41, 2010
A structural and functional perspective into the mechanism of Ca(2+)-sensitizers that target the cardiac troponin complex.
Robertson, I.M. Sun, Y.B. Li, M.X. Sykes, B.D.
Protein Pept Lett
17(8): 999-1011, 2010
Intrinsic Disorder and Function of the HIV-1 Tat Protein
Shojania, S. O'Neil, J.D.
Clinical Cancer Research
Epub: Epub, 2010
Urine metabolite analysis offers potential early diagnosis of ovarian and breast cancers.
Slupsky CM, Steed H, Wells T, Dabbs K, Schepansky A, Capstick V, Faught W, Sawyer MB.
Journal of Biological Chemistry
285: 36656-36665, 2010
Structural and functional analysis of transmembrane VI of the NHE1 isoform of the Na+/H+ exchanger.
Tzeng, J. Lee, B.L. Sykes, B.D. Fliegel, L.
Future Oncology
6(9): 1395-406, 2010
Metabolomics and detection of colorectal cancer in humans: a systematic review.
Wang, H. Tso, VK Slupsky, CM Fedorak, RN
Journal of Immunology
185 (1): 578-587, 2010
Protein Tyrosine Nitration Of Aldolase In Mast Cell: A Plausible Pathway In Nitric Oxide-Mediated Regulation Of Mast Cell Function
Yokananth Sekar, Tae Chul Moon, Carolyn M. Slupsky and A. Dean Befus
48: 537-548, 2009
Structural Insight into G-Protein Coupled Receptor Binding by Apelin
David N. Langelaan, E. Meghan Bebbington, Tyler Reddy and Jan K. Rainey
Tetrahedron Letters
50: 2656-2660, 2009
2’-Hydroxydeinoxanthin, its 2’-methyl and 1’-xylosyl derivatives are the major carotenoids of Hymenobacter species.
Jonathan L. Klassen Ryan T. McKay Julia M. Foght
Protein Science
18(10): 2172-82, 2009
Differential stability of the bovine prion protein upon urea unfolding.
Julien, O. Chatterjee, S. Graether, S.P. Thiessen, A. Sykes, B.D.
Protein Science
18(6): 1165-1174, 2009
The effect of the co-solvent trifluoroethanol on a tryptophan side chain orientation in the hydrophobic core of troponin C.
Julien, O. Mercier, P. Crane, M.L. Sykes, B.D.
Journal of Physical Chemistry B
113: 10465-71, 2009
Headgroup-dependent membrane catalysis of apelin-receptor interactions is likely
Langelaan DN, Rainey JK.
Biochim Biophys Acta
1788(12): 2481-8, 2009
Structural and functional analysis of extracellular loop 2 of the Na(+)/H(+) exchanger.
Lee, B.L. Li, X. Liu, Y. Sykes, B.D. Fliegel, L.
Journal of Biological Chemistry
284(17): 11546-56, 2009
Structural and Functional Analysis of Transmembrane XI of the NHE1 Isoform of the Na+/H+ Exchanger
Lee, B.L. Li, X. Liu, Y. Sykes, B.D. Fliegel, L.
Journal of Biological Chemistry
284: 28674-28681, 2009
The 3D structure of carnocyclin A reveals that many circular bacteriocins share a common structural motif.
Martin-Visscher, L.A. Gong, X. Duszyk, M. Vederas, J.C.
Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health
72A: 1066-1074, 2009
Monitoring Prion Protein Stability by NMR
Olivier Julien Steffen P. Graether Brian D. Sykes
Annual Reports on NMR Spectroscopy
66: 33-76, 2009
Recent Advances in Solvent Suppression for Solution NMR: A Practical Reference
Ryan T. McKay
American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine
179(1): 25-34, 2009
Metabolomic Biomarkers in a Model of Asthma Exacerbation: Urine Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.
Saude, E Obiefuna, IP Somorjai, RL Ajamian, F Skappack, C Ahmad, T Dolenko, BK Sykes, BD Moqbel, R Adamki, DJ
48: 12169-12179, 2009
Structure of the UbcH8-ubiquitin Complex Shows a Unique Ubiquitin Interaction Site.
Serniwka, S.A. Shaw, G.S.
Journal of Proteome Research
8(12): 5550-8, 2009
Pneumococcal Pneumonia: Potential for Diagnosis through a Urinary Metabolic Profile
Slupsky, C. Rankin, K. Fu, H. Chang, D. Rowe, B.H. Charles, P. McGeer, A. Low, D. Long, R. Kunimoto, D. Sawyer, M.B. Fedorak, R. Adamko, D. Saude, E. Shar, S. Marrie, T.J.
47(41): 10950-60, 2008
The dilated cardiomyopathy G159D mutation in cardiac troponin C weakens the anchoring interaction with troponin I.
Baryshnikova, O.V. Robertson, I.M. Mercier, P. Sykes, B.D.
47: 10010-10017, 2008
Dynamics of the RING domain from human TRAF6 by 15N NMR Spectroscopy: Implications for biological function.
Craig J. Markin Linda F. Saltibus Leo Spyracopoulos
American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine
179(1): 25-34, 2008
Metabolomic Biomarkers in a Model of Asthma Exacerbation: Urine Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Erik J. Saude Idongesit P. Obiefuna Ray L. Somorjai Farnam Ajamian Christopher Skappak Taisir Ahmad Brion K. Dolenko Brian D. Sykes Redwan Moqbel Darryl J. Adamko
47(2): 597-606, 2008
Tryptophan Mutants of Cardiac Troponin C: 3D Structure, Troponin I Affinity, and in Situ Activity
Julien O, Sun YB, Wang X, Lindhout DA, Thiessen A, Irving M, Sykes BD
Neurosci Res
61(4): 351-9, 2008
Acute dextro-amphetamine administration does not alter brain myo-inositol levels in humans and animals: MRS investigations at 3 and 18.8 T.
McGrath, BM McKay, RT Dave, S Seres, P Weljie, AM Slupsky, CM Hanstock, CC Greenshaw, AJ Silverstone, PH
J Am Chem Soc
130(8): 2602-2609, 2008
NMR Studies of the Dynamics of a Bifunctional Rhodamine Probe Attached to Troponin C.
Olivier Julien Pascal Mercier Leo Spyracopoulos John E. T. Corrie Brian D. Sykes
Journal of Biological Chemistry
283: 22018-30, 2008
Structural and Functional Characterization of Transmembrane Segment IX of the NHE1 Isoform of the Na+/H+ Exchanger.
Reddy T, Ding J, Li X, Sykes BD, Rainey JK, Fliegel L.
46: 12945-12958, 2007
NMR Solution Structures of the Apo and Peptide-Inhibited Human Rhinovirus 3C Protease (Serotype 14): Structural and Dynamic Comparison.
Bjorndahl TC Andrew LC Semenchenko V Wishart DS
Journal of Magnetic Resonance
184: 20-28, 2007
Anisotropic diffusion of metabolites in peripheral nerve using diffusion weighted magnetic resonance spectroscopy at ultra-high field.
Ellegood, Jacob McKay, Ryan T. Hanstock, Chris C. and Christian Beaulieu
Journal of Surgical Research
141: 60-67, 2007
NMR Assessment of Me2So in Decellularized Cryopreserved Aortic Valve Conduits
Eric J. Lehr Sarah Hermary Ryan T. McKay Deryck N.H. Webb Alireza Abazari Locksley E. McGann James Y. Coe Gregory S. Korbutt David B. Ross
Biophysical Journal
93(3): 1008-1020, 2007
Toward protein structure in situ: comparison of two bifunctional rhodamine adducts of troponin C.
Julien O Sun YB Knowles AC Brandmeier BD Dale RE Trentham DR Corrie JE Sykes BD Irving M.
18(15): 1595-1598, 2007
Unlike Lithium, Anticonvulsants do not alter Rat Brain myo-Inositol.
McGrath, BM Greenshaw, AJ McKay, RT Slupsky, CM and Silverstone, PH
46: 11047-11056, 2007
Structure of Mini-B, a Functional Fragment of Surfactant Protein B, in Detergent Micelles
Muzaddid Sarker, Alan J. Waring, Frans J. Walther, Kevin M. W. Keough, and Valerie Booth
Protein Science
16: 602-614, 2007
Structure, Interactions, and Dynamics of the RING Domain from Human TRAF6.
Pascal Mercier, Michael J. Lewis, D. Duong Hau, Linda F. Saltibus, Wei Xiao, and Leo Spyracopoulos.
Biomol. NMR Assign
1: 7-9, 2007
NMR assignment of backbone and side chain resonances for a putative protein-protein interaction module from a family 84 glycoside hydrolase of Clostridium perfringens
Seth Chitayat Elizabeth Fick-Blean Jarrett J. Adams Katie Gregg Alisdair B. Boraston Steven P. Smith
Analytical Chemistry
79(18): 6995-7004, 2007
Investigations of the Effects of Gender, Diurnal Variation, and Age in Human Urinary Metabolomic Profiles
Slupsky, C. Rankin, K. Wagner, J. Fu, H. Chang, D. Weljie, A. Saude, E. Lix, B. Adamko, D. Shar, S. Greiner, R. Sykes, B. Marrie, T.
Biophysical Journal
90: 2436-2444, 2006
Dynamics of the C-Terminal Region of TnI in the Troponin Complex in Solution
Blumenschein, T. M. A., Stone, D. B., Fletterick, R. J., Mendelson, R. A. and Sykes, B. D.
45: 9866-9877, 2006
Structure and Interactions of the Ubiquitin-Conjugating Enzyme Variant Human Uev1a: Implications for Enzymatic Synthesis of Polyubiquitin Chains.
D. Duong Hau Michael J. Lewis Linda F. Saltibus Landon Pastushok Wei Xiao Leo Spyracopoulos
J Am Chem Soc
128: 14252-14253, 2006
Antimicrobial Leucocin Analogues with a Disulfide Bridge Replaced by a Carbocycle or by Noncovalent Interactions of Allyl Glycine Residues.
Darren J. Derksen Jake L. Stymiest John C. Vederas
Journal of Biological Chemistry
281(40): 29817-29, 2006
Structural and Functional Characterization of Transmembrane Segment VII of the Na+/H+ Exchanger Isoform 1
Ding J. Rainey J.K. Xu C. Sykes B.D. Fliegel, L.
2(3): 113-123, 2006
Optimization of NMR Analysis of Biological Fluids for Quantitative Accuracy
Erik Saude Carolyn Slupsky Brian D. Sykes
17(12): 1323-1326, 2006
Lithium alters regional rat brain myo-inositol at 2 and 4 weeks: an ex-vivo magnetic resonance spectrscopy study at 18.8T
McGrath, B.M. Greenshaw, A.J. McKay, R.T. Slupsky, C.M. Silverstone, P.H.
Journal of Biomolecular NMR
34: 89-100, 2006
Structural basis for non-covalent interaction between ubiquitin and the ubiquitin conjugating enzyme variant human MMS2
Michael J. Lewis Linda F. Saltibus D. Duong Hau Wei Xiao Leo Spyracopoulos
Journal of Biomolecular NMR
35(2): 149-154, 2006
MTH187 from Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum has three HEAT-like repeats
Olivier Julien Isabelle Gignac Anna Hutton Adelinda Yee Cheryl H. Arrowsmith Stéphane M. Gagné
Journal of Biological Chemistry
281: 8347-56, 2006
HIV-1 Tat is a Natively Unfolded Protein:The Solution Conformation and Dynamics of HIV-1 Tat(1-72) by NMR Spectroscopy
Shojania, S. and O'Neil, J. D.
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics
63: 603-610, 2006
Effect of a mutation on the structure and dynamics of an alpha-helical antifreeze protein in water and ice
Steffen P. Graether, Carolyn M. Slupsky, Brian D. Sykes
Analytical Chemistry
78(13): 4430-42, 2006
Targeted profiling: quantitative analysis of 1H NMR metabolomics data.
Weljie, AM Newton, J Mercier, P Carlson, E Slupsky, CM
Journal of Biological Chemistry
280(23): 21924-32, 2005
Calcium-dependent changes in the flexibility of the regulatory domain of troponin C in the troponin complex
Blumenschein, TM Stone, DB Fletterick, RJ Nedelson, RA Sykes, BD
Journal of Biomolecular NMR
33: 51-56, 2005
Solution Structure of MTH0776 from Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum
Godwin Amegbey Paul Stothard Ekaterina Kuznetsova Adelinda Yee Cheryl H. Arrowsmith David Wishart
44: 8770-8771, 2005
Main Chain and Side Chain Dynamics of the Ubiquitin Conjugating Enzyme Variant Human MMS2 in the Free and Ubiquitin-Bound States
Leo Spyracopoulos Michael J. Lewis Linda F. Saltibus
44(45): 14750-9, 2005
The role of electrostatics in the interaction of the inhibitory region of troponin I with troponin C
Lindhout, DA Boyko, RF Corson, DC Li, MX Sykes BD
J Am Chem Soc
127: 8307–8309, 2005
Helical Rosette Nanotubes with Tunable Stabilty and Hierarchy
Moralez, J. G.; Raez, J.; Yamazaki, T; Kishan, M. R.; Kovalenko, A.; Fenniri, H.
81(4): 295-308, 2005
NMR conformational analysis of proadrenomedullin N-terminal 20 peptide, a proangiogenic factor involved in tumor growth.
S. Lucyk H. Taha H. Yamamoto M. Miskolzie G. Kotovych
Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics
23(1): 77-90, 2005
NMR Conformation Analyses on (des-bromo) Neuropeptide B [1-23] and Neuropeptide W [1-23]: The Importance of a-helices, a Cation-Pi Interaction and a B-Turn
Scott Lucyk Mark Miskolzie George Kotovych
Journal of Biological Chemistry
280: 17863-17872, 2005
Structural and functional characterization of transmembrane segment IV of the NHE1 isoform of the Na+/H+ exchanger.
Slepkov, E.R., Rainey, J.K., Li, X., Liu, Y., Cheng, F.J., Lindhout, D.A., Sykes, B.D. and Fliegel, L.
43: 4955-63, 2004
Effect of temperature on the structure of trout troponin C
Blumenschein TMA, Gillis TE, Tibbits GF, Sykes BD
75 (5): 367-75, 2004
NMR solution structure of a highly stable de novo heterodimeric coiled-coil
Darrin A. Lindout JR Litowski Pascal Mercier Robert S. Hodges Brian D. Sykes
Org Lett
6(15): 2607-2610, 2004
Spriastrellolide A: Revised Structure, Progress towards the Relative Configuration, and Inhibition of Protein Phosphatase 2A
David E. Williams Marshall Lapawa Xidong Feng Tamsin Tarling Michel Roberge Raymond J. Andersen
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
52: 807-814, 2004
NMR Analysis of Neutrophil Activiation in Sputum Samples From Patients With Cystic Fibrosis
Erik J. Saude, Paige Lacy, Sorin Musat-Marcu, Damon C. Mayes, John Bagu, S.F. Paul Man, Brian D. Sykes, Redwan Moqbel
Protein Science
3: 640-651, 2004
Using lanthanide ions to align troponin complexes in solution: order of lanthanide occupancy in cardiac troponin C.
Gay GL, Lindhout DA, Sykes BD.
Journal of Biomolecular NMR
30: 459-460, 2004
Complete 1H, 13C and 15N NMR assignments of MTH0776 from Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum
Godwin Amegbey Zhan Chang Paul Stothard Adelinda Yee Cheryl Arrowsmith David S. Wishart
Journal of Biological Chemistry
279(12): 11882-11889, 2004
Structural Insights into Molecular Function of the Metastasis-associated Phosphatase PRL-3
Guennadi Kozlov Jung Cheng Edmund Ziomek Denis Banville Kalle Gehring
23(2): 272-281, 2004
Structural basis of ligand recognition by PABC, a highly specific peptide-binding domain found in poly(A)-binding protein and HECT ubiquitin ligase
Guennadi Kozolv Gregory De Crescenzo Nadi S Lim Nadeem Siddiqui Daniel Fanuts Avak Kahvejian Jean-Francois Trempe Demetra Elias Irena Ekiel Nahum Sonenberg Maureen O'Connor-McCourt Kalle Gehring
Can. J. Chem.
82: 102-112, 2004
Pachymoside A - A novel glycolipid isolated from the marine sponge Pachymatisma johnstonia
Kaoru Warabi William T. Zimmerman Jingkai Shen Annick Gauthier Marilyn Robertson B. Brett Finlay Rob van Soest Raymond J. Andersen
43: 3385-3395, 2004
Structure of Subtilosin A, a Cyclic Antimicrobial Peptide from Bacillus subtilis with Unusual Sulfur to alpha-Carbon Cross-Links: Formation and Reduction of alpha-Thio-alpha-Amino Acid Derivatives
Karen E. Kawulka, Tara Sprules,Christopher M. Diaper,Randy M. Whittal, Ryan T. McKay, Pascal Mercier, Peter Zuber, and John C. Vederas
Biochem Biophys Res Commun
321(1): 234-40, 2004
Insights into function of PSI domains from structure of the Met receptor PSI domain.
Kozlov, G. Perreault, A. Schrag, J.D. Park M.
75(5): 367-375, 2004
NMR solution structure of a highly stable de novo heterodimeric coiled-coil.
Lindhout DA, Litowski JR, Mercier P, Hodges RS, Sykes BD.
BMC Structural Biology
4(9): 1-11, 2004
The solution structure of ChaB, a putative membrane ion antiporter regulator from Escherichia coli
Michael J Osborne Nadeem Siddiqui Pietro Iannuzzi Kalle Gehring
Journal of Biological Chemistry
279: 47139-47147, 2004
Solution Structure of the Flexible Class II Ubiquitin-conjugating Enzyme Ubc1 Provides Insights for Polyubiquitin Chain Assembly (* paper of the week)
Nadine Merkley Gary S. Shaw
Protein Science
13(3): 659-67, 2004
Structure of the achaeal translatioin initiation factor aIF2B from Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum: Implications for translation initiation
Pablo Gutierrez Michael J. Osborne Nadeem Siddiqui Jean-Francois Trempe Cheryl Arrowsmith Kalle Gehring
Journal of Biomolecular NMR
29: 433-434, 2004
1H, 13C, and 15N backbone resonance assignements for TEM-1, a 28.9 kDa B-lactamase from E. coli
Pierre-Yves Savard Alejandro Sosa-Peinado Roger C. Levesque Marvin W. Makinen Stephane M. Gagne
Eur. J. Biochem.
271: 1748–1756, 2004
NMR solution structure of the precursor for carnobacteriocin B2, an antimicrobial peptide from Carnobacterium piscicola Implications of the a-helical leader section for export and inhibition of type IIa bacteriocin activity
Tara Sprules, Karen E. Kawulka, Alan C. Gibbs, David S. Wishart and John C. Vederas
43: 11740-11749, 2004
NMR Solution Structure of ImB2, a Protein Conferring Immunity to Antimicrobial Activity of the Type IIa Bacteriocin, Carnobacteriocin B2
Tara Sprules, Karen E. Kawulka, and John C. Vederas
Protein Science
13: 2022-2028, 2004
NMR Structure of CXCR3 binding chemokine CXCL11 (ITAC)
Valerie Booth Ian Clark-Lewis Brian D. Sykes
Journal of Biomolecular NMR
26: 85-86, 2003
Backbone 1H, 15N and 13C assignments for the human rhinovirus 3C protease (serotype 14)
Bjorndahl, Trent, Monzavi, Hassan, and David S. Wishart
Protein Science
12: 1323-1331, 2003
The role of side chain conformational flexibility in surface recognition by Tenebrio molitor antifreeze protein
Daley, Margaret E., and Brian D. Sykes
11: 887-897, 2003
Unmasking the Annexin I Interaction from the Structure of Apo-S100A11
Dempsey, A.C. Walsh, M.P. Shaw, G.S.
Journal of Biological Chemistry
278: 21124-21128, 2003
Solution Structure of Human BCL-w
Denisov, Alexei Madiraju, Murthy S.R. Chen, Gang Khadir, Abdelkrim Beauparlant, Pierre Attardo, Giorgio Shore, Gordon C. and Kalle Gehring
J Am Chem Soc
125(19): 5663-5670, 2003
Selection of a High-Energy Bioactive Conformation of a Sulfonium-Ion Glycosidase Inhibitor by the Enzyme Glycoamylase G2
Johnson, M.A. Jensen, M.T. Svensson, B. and B. Mario Pinto
Journal of Biological Chemistry
278(27): 24740-24752, 2003
NMR Studies of Carbohydrates and Carbohydrate-mimetic Peptides Recognized by an Anti-Group B Streptococcus Antibody
Johnson, Margaret A., Jaseja, Mahesh, Zou, Wei, Jennings, Harold J., Copies, Valerie, Pinto, B. Mario, and Seth H. Pincus
J Am Chem Soc
125(16): 4726-4727, 2003
Structure of subtilosin A, an antimicrobial peptide from Bacillus subtilis with unusual posttranslational modifications linking cysteine sulfurs to alpha-carbons of phenylalanine and threonine
Kawulka, Karen, Sprules, Tara, McKay, Ryan T., Mercier, Pascal, Diaper, Christopher M., Zuber, Peter, and John C. Vederas
Journal of Biological Chemistry
278: 46021-46028, 2003
Structural Evidence that Brian Cyclic Nucleotide Phophodiesterase is a member of the 2H Phosphodiesterase Superfamily
Kozlov, Guennadi Lee, John Elias, Demetra Gravel, Michel Gutierrez, Pablo Ekiel, Irena Braun, Peter E. and Kalle Gehring
Journal of Magnetic Resonance
161: 154-167, 2003
PJNMR: a platform-indpendent graphical simulation tool for NMR speectroscopy
Letourneau, Paul-Jean, Boyko, Robert, and Brian D. Sykes
Journal of Biological Chemistry
278(29): 27024-27034, 2003
Structure and Dynamics of the C-domain of Human Cardiac Troponin C in Complex with the Inhibitory Region of Human Cardiac Troponin I
Lindhout, Darrin A., and Brian D. Sykes
Journal of Biological Chemistry
278: 6251-6257, 2003
A Novel S100 Target Conformation is Revealed by the Solution Structure of the Ca2+-S100B-TRTK-12 Complex.
McClintock, K.A. Shaw, G.S.
42: 4333-4348, 2003
NMR Structure of a Bifunctional Rhodamine Labeled N-Domain of Troponin C Complexed with the Regulatory "Switch" Peptide from Troponin I: Implications for in Situ Fluorescence Studies in Muscle Fibers
Mercier, Pascal, Ferguson, Roisean E., Irving, Malcolm, Corrie, John E.T., Trentham, David R., and Brian D. Sykes
Journal of Biomolecular NMR
26: 147-155, 2003
Interaction of the tail with the catalytic region of a class II E2 conjugating enzyme
Merkley, Nadine and Gary S. Shaw
Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics
21(2): 201-210, 2003
The NMR Derived Conformation of Orexin-A: An Orphan G-Protein Coupled Receptor Agonist Involved in Appetite Regulation and Sleep
Miskolzie, Mark and George Kotovych
Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics
21(3): 341-351, 2003
NMR Conformational Studies of Micelle-Bound Orexin-B: A Neuropeptide Involved in the Sleep/Awake Cycle and Feeding Regulation
Miskolzie, Mark Lucyk, Scott and George Kotovych
69: 201-15, 2003
The NMR-derived conformation of neuropeptide AF, an orphan G-protein coupled receptor peptide
Miskolzie, Mark and George Kotovych
Protein Science
12: 1925-1933, 2003
Solution Structure of the C-terminal domain from poly(A)-binding protein in Trypanosoma cruzi: A vegetal PABC domain
Siddiqui, Nadeem Kozlov, Guennadi D'Orso, Ivan Trempe, jean-Francois and Kalle Gehring
Journal of Biological Chemistry
278: 1053-58, 2003
Lock and Key Binging of the HOX YPWM Peptide to the PBX Homeodomain
Sprules, Tara Green, Nancy Featherstone, mark and Kalle Gehring
Journal of Molecular Biology
327: 1155-1168, 2003
Spruce Budworm Antifreeze Protein: Changes in Structure and Dynamics at Low Temperature
Steffen P. Graether, Stéphane M. Gagné, Leo Spyracopoulos, Zongchao Jia, Peter L. Davies and Brian D. Sykes
Org Lett
125(18): 5296-7, 2003
Spirastrellolide A, An Antimitotic Macrolide Isolated from the Caribbean Marine Sponge Spirastrella coccinea
Williams, David E., Roberge, Michel, Soest, Rob Van, and Raymond J. Andersen
41: 10418-10425, 2002
The CXCR3 binding chemokine IP-10/CXCL10: structure and receptor interactions
Booth, Valerie, Keizer, David W., Kamphuis, Monique B., Clark-Lewis, Ian, and Brian D. Sykes
41: 5515-5525, 2002
Structure and Dynamics of a Beta-Helical Antifreeze Protein
Daley, Margaret E., Spyracopoulos Leo, Jia Zongchao, Davies, Peter L., and Brian D. Sykes
FEBS Letters
517: 155-158, 2002
Zinc is required for structural stability of the C-terminus of archaeal translation inititation factor aIF2B
Gutierrez, Pablo, Stephane Coillet-Matillon, Cheryl Arrowsmith, and Kalle Gehring
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