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NMR Boot Camp, July 25 - 29, 2005 Schedule & Costs
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The goal of this course is to instruct a first or second year graduate student in the protocols of acquiring, analyzing and generating high resolution three-dimensional biomolecular NMR structures. If you're a more experienced NMR spectroscopist, then come and learn even more.

Passes for any combination of days will be available. Please email as soon as possible if you are interested. Let us know which days and how many participants would potentially register so we can better plan class sizes, prices, and venue(s).

Please note: Registration will close June 25, 2005. Late registration is possible, but will cost 50% more than registering before the deadline (see table below for costs).

Schedule (Updated June 14, 2005)
Day 1 How to run your Bruker Spectrometer (emphasis on Biomol) featuring Martine Monette (Bruker Inc.)
Day 2 NMRPipe featuring Frank Delaglio (NIH)
Day 3 NMRView featuring Bruce Johnson (OneMoonScientific)

Development of NMRView is funded entirely through support licenses. Users are encouraged to purchase licenses so that we may all continue to benefit.

Day 4 How to generate your 3D structure, featuring Charles Schwieters (NIH) for XPLOR-NIH
Day 5 How to run your Varian Spectrometer (emphasis on Biomol), featuring George Gray (Varian Inc.)

Dinners planned with speakers for nights 2 and 4 (not included in registration). Price to follow.

West Edmonton Mall (Biggest Mall in the World) Field Trip planned for night 3.

Please note that long breaks are purposefully included in case of overtime in sections
8:00 Breakfast
8:45 Opening Intro Lecture -Installation -Environment
9:30 Intro to program -GUI
10:00 Coffee Break
10:30 Getting Down to Business

-Where things are

-How to save, load, run
12:00 Lunch
1:30 Start of Hands on Lectures
-Intro examples from supplied data
3:00 Coffee Break
3:30 Cont. Hands on Lectures
-Advanced examples from supplied data
4:00 General Discussion Time
5:00 End

Specific Daily Schedule: Day 5
8:45 Review of the Hardware used in BioMolecular NMR
9:30 Installation Procedure for BioPack
10:00 Coffee Break
10:30 Priciples of BioPack Pulse Sequences
12:00 Lunch
1:30 Operator Interface for BioPack
3:00 Coffee Break
3:30 Techniques for Optimizing BioMolecular Experiments
5:00 End

NANUC Supplied DATA:

Frank Delaglio will be supplying example Bruker data for residual dipolar couplings and analysis

NANUC will supply the following data sets for student processing, assignment, and analysis:

Ubiquitin (either unlabeled, 15N-labeled, or 15N,13C-labeled spectra)
1D-1H (500, 800 MHz coldprobe)
1H,13C-HSQC (500, 800 MHz coldprobe)
1H,15N-HSQC (500, 800 MHz coldprobe)
HNCaCO (500)
HNCO (500)
2D-1H,1H-NOESY (500)
2D-1H,1H-TOCSY (500)
3D-15N-NOESY (800 coldprobe)

More experiments to be listed shortly.....have patience!

To be collected:

3D-15N-TOCSY *update* collected 800MHz cold probe
HNCACB *update* (500 collected)
CBCA(CO)NH *update* (500 collected)

This list is tentative and will be updated regularly as more experiments are collected. If you have specific experiments you would like to see please email Ryan Mckay.


Days Canadian (CDN$) US (USD) European (€)
5 1000 1025 1025
4 980 1000 1000
3 850 900 900
2 600 650 650
1 400 450 450

Late Registration Costs

Days Canadian (CDN$) US (USD) European (€)
5 1500 1537.50 1537.50
4 1470 1500 1500
3 1275 1350 1350
2 900 975 975
1 600 675 675

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